CUF 101

Pest and Diseases *Ratings
Spotted alfalfa aphid Highly Resistant
Pea Aphid Highly Resistant
Blue alfalfa aphid Resistant
Phytophthora root rot Moderately Resistant
Scald Tolerant
Rhizoctonia stem and root No data available
Bacterial wilt Susceptible
Fusarium wilt Highly Resistant
Southern anthracnose Susceptible
Common leaf spot Susceptible
Downey mildew Moderately Resistant
Stem nematode Susceptible
Root knot nematode species Tolerant


Cuf 101 Alfalfa is a very non-dormant variety released by the University of California. Principal areas of use are: Low desert valleys of southern California, southern Arizona, southern Nevada, southern New Mexico and southern Old Mexico. Also a popular variety is similar climates in other parts of the world.

Good quality hay and forage. Can become somewhat stemmy in older stands.



*Resistant; Ability of plants to restrict the activities of a specified pest.

*Tolerant: Ability of plants to endure a specified pest or an adverse environmental condition, performing and producing in spite of the disorder.

*Susceptible: In ability of plants to restrict the activities of a specified pest, or to withstand and adverse environmental condition.